We Fix Remotes and send New Zealand Wide  
Remote Repairs

Exact Remote Repairs, PH 09 4481987

Remotes can be expensive to replace, and much of the time can be repaired easily and at a reasonable cost.
If you have a remote or a remote key that is faulty just send it in and we will get it working again or no charge.


Customers frequently bring in remotes and keys that have been  purchased via the internet. These keys and remotes are genuine  but cannot be programmed because they have already been locked to the previous vehicle or receiver. Or just the wrong frequency

You can send your broken remotes and remote keys to us from anywhere in New Zealand. We will repair and send them back to you ready to use.

You can bring your broken remotes in to our workshop and if you need it to get your car started just let me know and I will try to repair your remote while u wait so you can use your car.


If you have a faulty remote-key please remember that it’s an expensive item to replace, (we are talking around $400) so keep this in mind when thinking about taking it apart or touching the immobilizer chip or the circuit board. One little jump of static or oil from your fingers will stop the transponder from sending it’s signal.
If you have a standard type remote fob, you are able to touch it with your fingers but have to be careful of damage to connections etc.

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