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Remote Repairs

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What is the cost if the repair is not successful?

If we cannot repair the remote there is no charge.

How long does a repair take?

In an emergency I can repair the remote while u wait, if the remote is sent to me I will repair the same day and courier it back so you can receive it next day.

How much does it cost to repair a remote?

Most repairs cost an average of $38 gst however, complicated smart key remotes need a lot more care and time taken, in these cases we will give a quotation. Average cost to repair a smart key ( this a key where you use a push button start) $88 plus unless it just needs a battery

Are keys and remotes purchased through the internet any good?

Keys purchased over the net are usually the genuine thing, but there are a few issues that I

regularly come across. Firstly if the key is second hand and has been programmed to a previous car “It has been locked to that car and that car only) so can not be programmed to another vehicle.

The other issues are differences in frequency between countries, a remote from UK or US has a different frequency to a remote from Australia or Japan (where most of our cars come from)

Another thing that happens a lot is, One model of vehicle can have one of 4 systems in it.

For example, a Suzuki swift 2008 can have a remote key system, a smart proximity key system, or just a key with a remote fob. To add to the confusion one system will run on 315 mhz or 433 mhz frequency. This gives the purchaser 1 chance out of 6 of buy the correct key for the cars system.

To add to this, the key purchased can be a second hand one in a new key shell which makes it useless to the purchaser.

Recycling used keys and remotes.

If you have purchased a key or remote that is one of the above you can bring it in. I am happy to purchase them for repair parts or give a discount of the repair (usually $10 to $15) as that is all they are worth.